Dear building performance simulation enthusiasts,


BSN2020 virtual conference has ended. Thanks to all participants for an exciting event! 


We had almost 100 participants, 55 papers, 3 workshops, 2 days, 1 keynote.

Please have a look at our interactive programme where you can find parallel sessions, break-out sessions, and even virtual coffee breaks and virtual bars (after the session). This helped to have a good scientific exchange of new and interesting research work, but we also prepared room and time for interesting discussions, and social networking!

We see this conference as part of the NEW Normal and hope you enjoyed this exciting event – stay healthy and let the future become even brighter!


The purpose of the event is to create a platform for exchanging ideas, issues and research findings, in the field of building performance simulation. It facilities national & international collaboration, and the meeting of minds between practitioners, researchers and students.



The event is open for members and non-members of IBPSA-Nordic. Any research related to building simulation, including system design, HVAC, energy production/use, indoor climate and environmental issues, is eligible to be presented at the event.


A great thanks to our Gold sponsor 


Yours sincerely,

Matthias Haase, President of IBPSA-Nordic

If you can't simulate it, don't build it.

Submission deadline: 15 January 2020

Key dates

15 January 2020 Deadline for abstract submission 28th February 2020 Acceptance of abstracts 30th April 2020 Deadline for submission of full paper 30th June 2020 Acceptance of full paper 15th August 2020 Deadline for submission of final paper

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