New University with a Long History

Our logo and name may be new, but the OsloMet story dates back more than two centuries. Our programme in midwifery was established in 1818, and several of our other study programmes are the oldest of their kinds in Norway. During the 1990s and 2000s, a number of colleges in the Oslo region merged to form two large university colleges. In 2011, these two institutions came together to become Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. In 2018, we gained university status—no small feat in Norway, where the criteria are quite strict. Since then, OsloMet has continued educating professionals who are sought-after in the labour market and conducting research that contributes to solving important societal challenges. At the same time, we are using our new name and identity as an opportunity to introduce our university to the world—including you reading this. So what kind of university is OsloMet?

This Is OsloMet

  • OsloMet is a public university. The majority of our funding comes from the Norwegian government.
  • We are Norway’s third-largest university, and are home to some of Norway’s largest and best-known programmes of professional study, including degrees in nursing, teacher education, pre-kindergarten education, social work, engineering, journalism, design studies and business administration.
  • Most of our study programmes include at least one period of supervised professional training.
  • A very high percentage of our students graduate with at least one job offer within their profession or field.
  • OsloMet researchers conduct research that contributes to the sustainability and improvement of the welfare state. Much of the research they carry out is applied and has a direct impact on society.
  • Much of our research is collaborative. OsloMet researchers partner with universities around the world, as well as leading public and private sector actors in Norway.
  • Many of our students are first-generation Norwegians or have parents who immigrated to Norway. In terms of ethnic and linguistic background, our student body is one of the most diverse in Norway.
  • Our employees come from 63 different countries. Nearly all of them speak and write English fluently, and many of them know other languages besides.
  • We are growing, we are changing, and we are committed to making even more of an impact in the Oslo region, in Norway and around the world.


OsloMet has two campuses. Our largest campus is located in the centre of Oslo, while our other campus is in Kjeller, near the city of Lillestrøm. Welcome to Norway’s most urban university campus. Our Pilestredet campus is surrounded by cafes for reading or meeting friends and restaurants where you can buy lunch at student-friendly prices. All the main attractions of downtown Oslo—including shopping, parks, bars and the Oslo fjord—are just a short walk or tram ride away. Like many urban campuses, Pilestredet is compact. You can walk from one end of campus to the other in about ten minutes. There is plenty of architecture to admire along the way, from old brick buildings—the northern part of campus is located on the grounds of a brewery that opened in the 1850s—to modern, glass buildings that remind you that you’re in Scandinavia. All across campus, you will find cafeterias, libraries, student pubs, gyms and even a climbing wall. Visit us at Pilestredet 32-52. Google Map, Maze Map, phone https://www.oslomet.no/en/about/pilestredet-campus-article [Source www.OsloMet.no ]